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Marvel City Swinging Ghost-Spider Feature Plush

Marvel City Swinging Ghost-Spider Feature Plush

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This plush of the fan-favorite Spider-verse comic star The Amazing Ghost-Spider is ready to rock, roll and kick out crime with lights, sounds and motion. When her one of her web strands is pulled from her hand, the opposite leg kicks into action -- or pull both to hang and spin. Lights and sounds accompany the motion. With a soft body, 

​Fans can bring The Amazing Ghost-Spider to life with this plush doll featuring lights, sound and kicking motion!

​Pull one of her web strands to see the opposite leg kick out!

Pull both strands together and watch the superhero hang and spin!

​With a soft body, the plush toy is perfect for cozy cuddling or dynamic action

​Makes a great gift for kids and collectors, especially Marvel fans!


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